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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's Holding You Back?

At the starting Gate!!
I have always wanted to run a 5k, but my fear of not being able to accomplish the goal or worried about coming in last held me back from even entertaining it. I allowed so many "excuses", which I felt were pretty good reason not to run in a race.  Well.... a few months ago, I lost a precious friend of mine to breast cancer and I immediately knew, I had to run for her!! If she could bravely face breast cancer, the surgery's, chemotherapy and all those years of treatment, I could face my fears too!

As I began training and running, I realized that my mind limited me and held me back. Crossing the finish line had to do MORE with a mental victory than a physical handicap.  While running, I would listen to worship music and have great "self talk". I would say, I can do all things through Christ who strengthen's me, Greater is He that's in me than he that's in the world, I am the head and not the tail!!  I would say, "You got this Barb,You can do this Barb, You will run this race and you will cross that finish line. I would say "Thank you Jesus, that you can help me get through this.

The hardest part of running a race is STARTING it and then FINISHING it~
My precious friend Christian!

Whatever obstacle you face inside yourself that is limiting you, GOD is so much bigger in you when you rely on Him and trust Him. You will cross the finish line, you may not be first but what is important is that you don't give up!!

I did an entire teaching on "The Race of Faith" you can listen to it here: I taught it on 12/2/12 and ran the race a month later!

God hears your hearts desires!!

My gold METAL!

I want to introduce you my my precious friend Ilknur Brown, she is one of the most talented and gifted women I know! Crossing the finish line on many obstacles, fears and disasters in her life, she knows who she is in Christ and knows where her Victory comes from.  She truly needs to write a book of her life story,she is a powerful woman of Faith!
Ilknur Brown
She is the designer of the adorable tutu's that Christian and I wore during our race! She has a company called Cookies and Costumes Kids Boutique (click for FACEBOOK page) Her creations are so beautiful and unique!

She will custom design each piece for sizes, colors and styles.  Check out her website on Etsy she created all the designs, dressed her daughters and photographed them.  She designs and creates one of kind outfits for: Weddings, sporting competitions, birthday parties, special occasions or birthdays, photo shoots and so much.  

She is also available to do the photography!  She has an incredible eye! 
Cookies & Costumes Kid's Boutique & Photography

Be sure to check out her website and see all her beautiful work!! Email or call her for a consultation!
call: 602.575.8608

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  1. Thank you,Thank you so much!! You just brought alot of tears in my eyes.