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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The BEST is yet to come!

All I keep hearing in my heart is “The best is yet to come!!” This is not a time to settle for less than God’s very best for you or settle for less than what He has promised you because He is a faithful God and He will fulfill His promise to you!

The past few days I have felt the wonderful, sweet presence of God. It is what I like to call the “kisses of God”. There are time when we serve God by faith and we do all that we are suppose to do and we are faithful to Him and then one day you wake up and you actually can feel His presence; filled with His love, His mercy, His tenderness. It’s like everything that was lying so heavy on your heart, in one moment you just knew God was in control and you may not know how things will transpire but you just “know” they will! Life seems brighter, hope fills your heart and you feel like you are even look’n better!

Then, there are those times where we may not feel that closeness or intimacy of the Father, it may even be a time where you just simply wonder “where are you God?” It is in those moments where you have to hang on, because your redemption is drawing nigh. So many people give up right here, throw in the towel and quit believing or just settle without their promise. But, I hear God saying so loud “the BEST is yet to come!!”

The other day as I was driving I turned the corner and in my amazement was this beautiful, bright alluring rainbow! I only saw a portion of the rainbow at first but was so amazed; I had to get out of my car to see it and take pictures of it! When I saw the rainbow, I heard God say SO loudly within me, “I am a faithful God and I am a God of Promise, EVERYTHING I have promised will come to pass, I will never let you down”. I got so excited!

Then, for the first time ever I saw the COMPLETE rainbow, from beginning to end, and God shouted to me I am the ALPHA and OMEGA and I am the God of completion! As I write this, I feel so strong in my heart that God is saying to you that He is remaining faithful to you and He will complete that which He has started in your life! Don’t settle, don’t be discouraged!! His Promises are YES and they are AMEN! So, until you can say YES and AMEN over that thing you are believing for, then don’t settle and don’t stop believing!

You need to see the other end of the rainbow! The completion of your promise!! I couldn’t see the entire rainbow at first, but as I continued to drive, the entire rainbow was clear in sight!! Continue in your faithfulness and obedience and before you know it, you will see your entire rainbow too!

Here is a scripture just for you today! Isaiah 44:21

“ Remember these, O Jacob, And Israel and _____________ (put your name in) for you are My servant; I have formed you and you will not be forgotten by Me!

Celebrate~The Best is yet to Come!!

Free To Be ME

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Out of Reach!

I was watching a three year old little boy, Sam, playing one day. he was running back and forth laughing, completely enjoying life! As he was running fast across the room he spotted a bright yellow helium balloon floating in the air that was attached by a long curly string. I watched him stop with eyes bright and look up at the balloon in amazement. It was as if you could read his mind, "this is the most coolest thing, I can't believe it's actually just sitting here and no one else seems to see it, it must have been placed here just for me!" With all his courage raging, he mustard up every bit of strength he could and then jumped with all his might; his little hand open to grasp that ribbon and show off what he had found! To his amazement, he realized very quickly it was just out of his reach. You could see the shock in his face when he came down and realized the balloon was not in his hand. He frowned his eye brows and looked up at that balloon as if to say, "I can't believe I didn't get you, but I am going to have you" so he jumped and jumped and jumped and failed over and over again. At this point, He began to grunt and get very frustrated. I notice that the string was not very far from his reach, but it was still unreachable. In Sam's mind it seemed miles away. He went through many ranges of emotions while trying to reach the balloon. He went from pure elation that here was this balloon that was seemingly put there just for him and his adrenaline rising with excitement and anticipation, to feeling frustrated and angry that after many attempts he just couldn't do it, he began to whimper and cry to get someone's attention to help him. The room was every busy and everyone was doing their own thing and didn't even notice what his heart was going through. Just when his voice was about to raise at his highest and he was fed up and ready to throw the biggest fit a three year old can give, his big brother, Joshua, walked by and without any difficultly or hesitation pulled the balloon down, which was of no effort in his reach at all and gave it to Sam and just kept walking by. Sam, kind a rattled by his experience just stood there for a second, shocked. He actually had the balloon that he so desired for, worked so hard to receive and here it was in his hands. He quickly released all his feelings of questioning, frustration, anger and sadness to total elation and with a huge smile on his face as if he had won the best gift of all and took off running across the room with his prize to show all his friends what he had found.I sat there and thought to myself, wow, how difficult and how far away it seemed for Sam yet how easy and desirable it was for his big brother to give him. Then immediately I thought in my heart, what a perfect picture of our lives with God. There are many things that we are looking up at and desiring so desperately in lives. Some of us may be like Sam and we have reached and tried with all our might, but because of so many attempts and failures, maybe you have given up, maybe you are just angry and maybe failure has grasped your heart that you have no fight left in you. I don't know what emotion or stage you are in, in the process of 'life' but God's word says in:Isaiah 59:11 Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, That it cannot save; Nor His ear heavy, That it cannot hear.Just think about how amazing this verse is! God's hand is there for you where yours seems to fall short. What seems so impossible to us and is out of our reach, is completely easy for God and it is in His heart for you.God's ear is not heavy for you, tell Him today what your desires are, tell Him what you are longing for and He will hear you. I believe that even as you are reading this, the heavenly Father is reaching down and putting your desires in your hands. Once they are fulfilled you will forgot all the memories of the struggles and only rejoice in the victory of fulfillment!

There is Hope!

It was so strong on my heart to day to send out a message of encouragement! The verse that is ringing in my heart this morning is Psalm 107: 19, 20 ...they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and He saveth them out of their distresses. He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.
God has heard the desperate cries of your heart and He is moving on your behalf to perform His word. It can be very difficult to do all that you know to do; you may have fasted, prayed many hours, cried so many tears; as Dr. Spurgeon calls "liquid prayers", and yet you have not seen the manifested miracle of God. I know this can be very discouraging. What is so wonderful and yet seems to be so hard to do; is that all God is asking on our part is to trust Him at His Word. We feel like we need to try to help God out, try to move His hand or His heart or manipulate a situation. Those are all attributes of fear. Fear causes us to move in our own ability and that is when we get let down, discouraged and begin to feel hopeless. God is asking a small but HARD thing of us and it is to simply trust Him: trust means: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. “God’s word does not return void, but it accomplishes that to which it was sent” PRAISE GOD!! His word will never fail us, His promises are yes and they are AMEN!
We are familiar with the story of Joseph; the favored son, the set apart one and all the dreams and visions God gave him over his life at a very young age. I am sure just like us, Joseph never imagined the journey of his life to experience a pitfall, brother's betrayal, seduction, imprisonment, abandonment and all the incredible circumstances that looked NOTHING like his promise. As I studied his journey there was one consistent flow in His life and I challenge you today to go read his journey in Genesis and you will see over and over it said, “but the LORD was with Joseph!” Through every trial, every let down, every lie, every dark and lonely place the LORD WAS WITH JOSEPH!! And guess what, the LORD is with you today. He says,” I will never leave you and I will never forsake you”
Joseph’s dreams did come true! All that he saw, desired and longed for came to pass because he stayed faithful to God and TRUSTED God at His word.
The Joy of the Lord is your strength today! Take a few minutes and give God all your cares. Cast them at His feet and allow God’s joy to pour so deep in your heart. God is on your side, He loves you and He has NOT forgotten you! Your promises are in His hands and it will come to pass!!