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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~Girls Lives Changed Forever~

Esther's Court is a time of mentoring for girls ranging anywhere from college age and up. You will experience the love of God in a way that will transform your heart and your self-image so you as a girl can live the life our King has designed for you!

Esther's Court is set in a non-threatening and intimate atmosphere where we will share the word of God, have personal ministry and allow the presence of God and the anointing to flow. I will be sharing my personal experiences, journey of my life and my relationship with Jesus Christ!

This past Monday, we had such a beautiful, intimate time together. The Lord gave me a Word that he was going to break the control of Shame off of these woman's lives. That Shame has kept them imprisoned in fear and hiding who they really are! I was so overwhelmed by all the emails, texts and tweets I received that I decided to pick a few out and post them to testify what God is doing!

I didn't post their names to respect their privacy until they personally desire to share their experience.

"I was completely in awe when I saw these strong women, of all ages, colors, and backgrounds cry out and hold their heads down with shame. We have NO idea what others are going through but we judge them anyways. It was the MOST powerful thing I have ever seen, the trust the women had to have to give up SOME or ALL of their pain."
"It truly was a touch of His divine love and Grace! Thank you Jesus!"
"Thanks sooo much pastor barbie for allowing God to use you to reach his daughters! I had no idea that my issues i dealt with were that big and really taking control of my life and becoming a huge hindrance. I feel soo much better and i just wanted to say thank you. I bought new pajamas too
♥ luv ya!! "

"I had to stop on my way home and park my car to write this :)

I realized tonight that toughness is holding me back. I imagined myself wearing a life size crab shell, only exposing a part of myself and carrying that heavy shell around everywhere I go, dressing up the part of me that I ALLOW people to see. Tonight I felt that shell being broken piece by piece. All of me was exposed. It was uncomfortable yet I felt Gods love pouring down on me. When you read that story I found myself looking around to see if anyone was looking at me because I felt like that woman was me. Though God has delivered me from the unimaginable and I had been able to share my victory with other women."
"Loved every minute of it. Thank you!"
"I have got more accomplished today than in months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have truly been set free! I feel amazing! I feel loved! I feel really happy! I just wanted to share this with you... I am blessed to have you in my life! :) Thanks for being around!"
"I have been set free!! It was amazing!"
"It really was an incredible time Pastor Barb. God set me free in such an amazing way... from something I've carried around since I was 13! I've been struggling with things in my past for a long time honestly and I've had breakthrough's before but God really did something very powerful last night... I think my heart was just ready. :) and like you said, I don' t even think I really knew what was really wrong until God revealed the issue of shame. I feel like now all I can see is my bright, open future and the past is done with and over. You have such a beautiful way of ministering and it is such a huge blessing to have you as one of my pastor's! Love you!"
"Pastor Barb!!! Thank you for tonight. It was amazing. I am free indeed. There will be no more shame."

"Strength and honor are her clothing;
She laughs at her days to come.
Proverbs 31:25

Blessed beyond measure,

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