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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet my Kiddos!

I have been sponsoring children with Food for the Hungry for almost 8 years and it has been such a joy to be a part of giving love, education, medication and so much more to children. You are able to correspond with your children, send them little gifts and at the Holiday's you can purchase goats, cows, pigs and chickens for the family to start a livelihood in their country. It is so rewarding. Food for the Hungry will even make a way for you to go on a trip and meet your sponsor child and family. What a joy and I am working on making these trips!

Please enjoy meeting my kiddos, I love them each so dearly!

First meet Martin Huanca Vargas. He lives with his mother only. He has three brothers and two sisters. They live in the community of Ravelo, located in the arid Bolivian Altiplano. Most of the residents have houses made of adobe with straw roofs with at dirt floor.
Martin has been a part of my life since he was in first grade and as you will see; he has gotten so big and so happy since I first started sponsoring him. He has shared in his letters that because of my support he is able to go to a christian school and receive medical care. He really loves Jesus and talks about going to church and Sunday school class. He loves to volunteer in his community. His mom just had another baby boy and Martin wants me to pray for his baby brother.
2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

Meet Hazel Sarahi Aviles Rojas, she lives with her parents and has one brother and one sister. She is five years old and lives in Bayardo Arce, Nicaragua. The homes are constructed from scrap wood, cardboard and plastic with an outdoor latrine.
She is full of life and spunk. My first letter from her had a beautifully drawn picture and she has invited me to come visit her already. Of course, I will have to pray and make that part of my future to go see her.
She is in pre-school right now. I just fell in love with her immediately! She loves making beds and doing Math!
Pre-School/Kindergarten Picture

Meet Rikonia Leruk, she is 5 years and lives in Kenya, Africa. I just love her so much and her pretty green necklace! She has two brothers and three sisters and she loves Washing Dishes and counting. Her community is Lakartinya and they have no local source for water, the women in this community make a 9 mile journey to get water for the family. Many times they have to leave the children behind or strap a baby on their back for the journey. Her family are nomads who keep goats, sheep and shoats and grow a few crops for survival. I am looking forward to learning more about Rikonia. I just started sponsoring her.
Pre-School/Kindergarten Picture

Through your prayers and support a child will know that someone cares and will have the hope of a brighter future. If you are interested in learning more on sponsoring a child, you can click on the Food For The Hungry logo or and it will take you directly to their website!

Below is a picture of my little Scooter butt that I adopted a few months ago. The picture in her pink coat is when I first got her. She was really tiny, had no hair and scooted on her belly everywhere because she had so much fear (that's how she got her name) She is 5 years old and had babies 2 months before I got her. She is going to go get fixed in 2 months..sorry scooter, no more babies for you! She has gained 2 lb since I've had her and a TON of hair!

I just had to share her with you too!!


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