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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Support for Haiti

My heart, as wells yours i'm sure, was sadden by the reports in Haiti. While watching the news this morning and seeing the devation, I was asking God what can I do to help? I wanted to offer a few organizations that are reputable you could give financial support to and know that the money would be used for the Rescue Efforts.


Food for the Hungry is a Phoenix based organization. They had staff over there during the devastation and have yet to locate all of them, and relief efforts have already arrived in Haiti.

Texting Option:
To make a $5 donation from your phone text "ONEHEART" to 85944 & confirm by replying "YES", or go to

Let's do what part we can and remember to lift them in prayer!

We are putting together a phoenix fundraiser that we would love your support in, I will be posting more information in the next couple days.


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