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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Suddenly Moment

I have been so excited in my spirit for the past two weeks. I can feel that God is up to something big! If you have been believing God for a miracle and you have been trusting Him, GET READY because God is about to unveil your miracle and it is going to be Suddenly!! It’s going to be like an unveiling of something that has always been there, but we just couldn’t see it because God has not allowed it!! But now He is going to open our eyes! The word says “He has prepared a table for us” “He goes to prepare a place for us”. He told the children of Israel, “I’ll bring you to a place which is prepared”, God is a God of preparation! It’s ALREADY there, prepared just for you!! The wall of separation from you and the miracle is about the come down! God is not scampering around trying to get your miracle ready; the question is ARE YOU READY???? As the great Bishop TD Jakes is known for saying, “Get ready, get ready, get ready” It’s a time to rejoice like you have already received your promise because it is here!

The other day I was driving my normal route to go home; it’s a route that I have taken routinely everyday for almost 9 months and this particular day as I was driving I looked just ahead of me and for the first time I saw this amazing, beautiful mountain. There it was sitting in the distance so beautiful as the sun was setting around it. I gazed at the mountain for the remainder of my ride and thinking to myself what an amazing creation of God; it has always been there, but in my limited ability and in my familiarity of my surroundings, I had yet been able to see it. It must have been the trees that blocked it at certain times or maybe the clouds. I remember thinking, my goodness how could I not see something that has always been there, something so big even? As I was thinking this, just that quick The Lord shouted in my heart the word SUDDENLY! He said, ”I am about to move in Suddenly moments for my people, I about to give them the ability to see what has always been there!
Check out what the word Suddenly means in Hebrew/Greek and Webster: pith'owm : surprise, unexpectedly
a : happening or coming unexpectedly
b : changing angle or character all at once
c : marked by or manifesting abruptness or haste
d : made or brought about in a short time

There are many occasions in the Word where God moved Suddenly. I encourage you to read and study this to get a personal revelation for yourself, but what I could find as common thread over and over was:

1. God or the people DESTROYED their enemy: SUDDENLY
2. Angels: Stood in situations: SUDDENLY
3. Holy Spirit: came on the scene SUDDENLY

Doesn’t this excite you?!

It is not a time to be sad or discourage in God. Maybe you have waited a long time, maybe you have lost your hope and feel like your miracle has passed you; but God is saying to you to begin to rejoice in Him and begin to shouts praise of thanks to God. He has always been behind the scenes maneuvering His perfect will and way of escape for you!!

Tell the Lord, thank you for my Suddenly moment and get ready because when you least expect in you will see your Majestic Mountain that has ALWAYS been there!


  1. Great Word! It is always a blessing to hear from you! It's amazing how those Suddenly moments pop up, God hits me in the head all the time; my stunned response is usually, "Oh Wow! Thank You, Lord!" He's so good like that.

  2. Wow! How can my heart be instantly melted by and touched by God. I am so proud of you, Barbie Pruitt. I always knew God had GREAT things planned for your life and I, the teacher, have just been taught by the student. That is the way it is supposed to be. I am so proud of you and I just had God hit me in the heart by your message. I needed that because for the past two days, I have been a little more sick than usual and I thought what am I doing still here or what have I ever done? YOU were His hands extended to me.

  3. Miss C, wow, I too can't even tell you what a wonderful note this was to me. I actually stumbled on in just now since I am kinda new to blogging~ I feel so close to you, isn't that just precious how God will knit our hearts so far away! Next time I am in the area, we have to see each other!! Love you!! x0x0xx0

  4. i am blessed by this post, thanks Barb!!!