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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The BEST is yet to come!

All I keep hearing in my heart is “The best is yet to come!!” This is not a time to settle for less than God’s very best for you or settle for less than what He has promised you because He is a faithful God and He will fulfill His promise to you!

The past few days I have felt the wonderful, sweet presence of God. It is what I like to call the “kisses of God”. There are time when we serve God by faith and we do all that we are suppose to do and we are faithful to Him and then one day you wake up and you actually can feel His presence; filled with His love, His mercy, His tenderness. It’s like everything that was lying so heavy on your heart, in one moment you just knew God was in control and you may not know how things will transpire but you just “know” they will! Life seems brighter, hope fills your heart and you feel like you are even look’n better!

Then, there are those times where we may not feel that closeness or intimacy of the Father, it may even be a time where you just simply wonder “where are you God?” It is in those moments where you have to hang on, because your redemption is drawing nigh. So many people give up right here, throw in the towel and quit believing or just settle without their promise. But, I hear God saying so loud “the BEST is yet to come!!”

The other day as I was driving I turned the corner and in my amazement was this beautiful, bright alluring rainbow! I only saw a portion of the rainbow at first but was so amazed; I had to get out of my car to see it and take pictures of it! When I saw the rainbow, I heard God say SO loudly within me, “I am a faithful God and I am a God of Promise, EVERYTHING I have promised will come to pass, I will never let you down”. I got so excited!

Then, for the first time ever I saw the COMPLETE rainbow, from beginning to end, and God shouted to me I am the ALPHA and OMEGA and I am the God of completion! As I write this, I feel so strong in my heart that God is saying to you that He is remaining faithful to you and He will complete that which He has started in your life! Don’t settle, don’t be discouraged!! His Promises are YES and they are AMEN! So, until you can say YES and AMEN over that thing you are believing for, then don’t settle and don’t stop believing!

You need to see the other end of the rainbow! The completion of your promise!! I couldn’t see the entire rainbow at first, but as I continued to drive, the entire rainbow was clear in sight!! Continue in your faithfulness and obedience and before you know it, you will see your entire rainbow too!

Here is a scripture just for you today! Isaiah 44:21

“ Remember these, O Jacob, And Israel and _____________ (put your name in) for you are My servant; I have formed you and you will not be forgotten by Me!

Celebrate~The Best is yet to Come!!

Free To Be ME

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